Vote for Stormy Lagoon

Support the server and help us reach out to more players by voting on the websites below every day. Thank you for your continued support!

Daily Vote Crate

Vote on at at least 5 sites to get a crate key every day! Crates contain a vast treasure of collectibles and valuables. You can open vote crates at the spawn.

Weekly Stormy Crate

Vote at least 36 times in a week (that's 5 times a day for 7 days!) to get a Stormy Crate Key! These Crates have higher value rewards, exclusive collectibles, and items that you can level-up to achieve normally impossible enchantments in Minecraft.


Voting within 30 minutes of midnight UTC can cause your votes to glitch. Keys lost due to voting too close to midnight UTC will not be reimbursed.

External Sites

The four external voting/review sites are more means of spreading the good word about our Minecraft server. You can leave reviews, bump, and vote for these (some daily, some only one time). It helps the server an insane amount, and I greatly appreciate everything!